From Wind Turbine Technician to Technical Contracts Manager: Rob Mitchison shares his experiences of transitioning from the field to an office based role with Boston Energy

March 25, 2022

At Boston Energy, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience our team has from their careers in the wind industry. Our instructors at the Boston Energy Training Facility have real industry experience which they use to support our technicians and trainees and our office staff have years of experience in specialised fields across the industry that prove invaluable in their roles today. We know it is not only crucial to fully understand the wind energy sector in order to best satisfy the requirements of our clients, but also to provide the best opportunities to our employees to progress further in their careers. Whichever route they decide to follow we strive to offer as much support as we can in order to help them achieve their career and personal goals.

One member of staff who has recently transitioned into a new role with us is Rob Mitchison, a Boston Energy Technician for eight years who has now joined our Head Office team as Technical Contracts Manager. Rob’s experience as a wind technician is a great benefit for his new role when it comes to understanding not just the requirements and standards of our clients but also in helping to support our current technicians during their time with us. We caught up with Rob to find out more about his experiences as a Boston Energy wind technician and how he’s finding his new role at Head Office!

1.Hi Rob! To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you get up to outside of work?

Outside of work I am a keen motorbike rider, I spend my weekends riding enduro and Motocross with friends around the UK. I have a passion for fitness and spend my evenings during the week training at Crossfit. Aside from sporting hobbies, I am a film & gaming fan, and when time allows, I like to relax with a good film or strategy game. I also have a close bond with my family and love to spend time with my niece and nephew!


2. You were a technician with Boston Energy before joining our office team as Technical Contracts Manager, can you tell us a bit about your time in the field? 

I began my career in Wind with Boston Energy 8 or so years ago, beginning my career onshore with the Siemens Heavy Lift team, I was then placed on annual service working my way up to MT which gave me the privilege to travel to most of the offshore UK sites. My career then led me to O&M companies such as Orsted and Vestas in roles such as Main Component Exchange AT & Project Supervisor. I enjoyed the travel and the time meeting and working with new technicians around the country and Europe.


3. How was your experience as a technician with Boston Energy?

My time as a tech with Boston Energy is something I hold in high regard. The company gave me my start in this industry and allowed me to move upward and accept new challenges and roles. The family feel and good attitude towards the technicians is something I’ve always admired.


4. What made you want to change into an office-based role with us?

I think it was a natural progression, the decision to move to an office-based role was something I had been thinking about for a year or so, as I felt I had something to add in a technical role.


5. How do you think your experience as a technician has benefited you in your role as Technical Contracts Manager?

With knowledge and experience gained from my time in operations, I feel this brings a deeper understanding and technical awareness to Boston Energy, hopefully resulting in high-quality product delivery for the customer and greater empathy for the technicians we have operational.


6. Can you tell us a little bit about your role now? 

As Technical Contracts Manager, my role involves me looking at the customer requirements, understanding their needs and working with the Operations team to deliver a comprehensive project plan. Working hard with technicians and the Business Development team, we look to deliver successful projects to our existing and potential customers.


7. Finally, can you share a bit about what Boston Energy is getting up to in 2022?

Boston Energy is in an exciting position as we look to tackle the wind industry’s ever-changing demands. We continue to grow our relationship with our existing customers whilst we look to grow our service offering and capacity to tackle bespoke projects around the world. Boston Energy is an exciting place to work in an ever-changing and demanding industry.


So there you have it, if you’re a Boston Energy wind technician looking to move further up in your role, find out more about how we help our technicians to achieve this in our Upskilling with Boston Energy blog here. Or if you’re looking to join our team, our vacancies page is regularly updated with a wide variety of roles within the wind industry. Apply now through our website!

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