The Directors and Top Management of Boston Energy Limited and Boston Renewables Limited (BEL & BRL) are committed to ensuring the quality of the service we provide to our customers at every level. Boston Energy has established itself as one of the leading personnel and service providers in the sectors it supports, Boston Renewables provides high quality design and installation of Solar PV arrays and is a trusted partner for the maintenance of onshore wind turbines, this has been achieved through a constant focus on customer service to the organisations we serve, the staff we provide and the equipment and service we deliver. In order to make sure BE and BRL keep their position as two of the most highly regarded providers of service we put in place this policy to show our commitment to continuing improvement of quality.

We are committed to complying with the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard and will make adjustments and improvements to the IMS based on the results of customer satisfaction surveys, a regular audit program, operational and management review meetings. Additionally, as part of our commitment to ISO/IEC17020 and Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Training certification, we will ensure compliance with the standards and requirements which enhances our Quality procedures.  Our inspection services will be completed in an independent and impartial manner at all times and our training courses will be delivered in line with the latest revision of the GWO training provider requirements.

Quality objectives for continual improvement of the IMS will be set by senior management, reviewed and monitored at management meetings.

All staff within the organisation will be trained on the IMS and given the resources to ensure that the system requirements can be met. Staff will also receive training and information on new procedures and alterations to procedures that result from the findings of operational or management review meetings.

The Director’s recognise that the business is changing quickly with rapid growth and new regulations in our sector. This policy is designed to exceed the standard required by ISO9001:2015, UKAS17020:2012 and GWO training provider requirements to make sure that the procedures in place are robust, practical and scalable so that as the business grows we keep customer service at the heart of our organisation.

This Policy Statement will be reviewed on an annual basis or sooner if the need arises.  It will be shared throughout the business and available to interested parties upon request.

Mark Parkes

Managing Director

Date:  1st  February 2020