Decommissioning and RePowering

With the majority of wind farms having a life expectancy of 20-25 years, many onshore and several offshore wind farms are now coming to the end of their useful life. Developers are now looking at options for repowering, upgrading where possible and extremist decommissioning.

Infrastructure life extension

Extend the life of core infrastructure through reuse and repowering.

Revenue generation

Extend and enhance revenue generation through integrated project delivery.

Experienced team

Highly experienced team and technicians with in-depth understanding.

Decommissioning & Repowering

Cost effective wind farm extensions

Boston Energy has been involved through all stages of wind farm life and will be leading the drive to higher efficiency repowering projects into the future.

We’re here to find you the best cost effective solutions to the next chapter for your wind farms.

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Neil Harvey

Head of Pre-assembly, Construction and Commissioning

Marc Dawson

Head of Operational Delivery

Robert Mitchison

Head of Technical Projects and New Ventures