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Boston Energy have significant expertise in providing Tower Technicians and Foreman for pre-assembly projects. We have worked with world-class OEM’s at several sites in the UK and Europe including; Belfast (for Burbo Bank Extension and Walney 3), Vlissingen (Norther, North Wester 2 and Borssele), The Dudgeon Windfarm Project, The Race Bank Windfarm Project and The Galloper WindFarm Pre-Assembly Project.

Our teams bring the knowledge of pre-assembly operations from multi-platform projects; giving a strong depth of knowledge. Experience on V164 assembly projects; including Burbo Bank extension & Walney 3 projects in Belfast and our heavy involvement in the Vlissingen campaign, mean we are well placed to understand and support the needs of our customers.

Boston Energy ensures all our pre-assembly technicians comply with the project training needs and carry out detailed assessments to ensure they are fit for purpose. We are committed to supplying the best qualified, assessed and able technicians for any work we undertake for our customers on geared and direct drive models.

The capabilities of our pre-assembly technicians are as below:

  • Assembly of tower section
  • Installation and termination of cables inside the tower
  • Installation of steel work into tower sections
  • Installation of turning gear
  • Upending of tower sections
  • Installation of the service lift and ladder components
  • Functional test of the assemblies
  • Preparing the WTG for a specific location
  • Preparing control systems for the offshore installation
  • Pre-assembly technicians that either are currently or can be trained to the equivalent of Vestas levels C / D, Siemens levels 3 / 4 and GWO BTT / SGTT


Boston Energy maintain a team of flexible technicians who are able to support peak demands in the industry, but reduce cost responsibility on our customers. This team can be mobilised / demobilised swiftly. We also invest, upskill and provide rewarding career opportunities to our teams. This approach, inclusivity and team ethos gives Boston Energy an enviable retention level of our technician team.

What Our Customers Say

  • The report from our technicians was very positive and the cooperation with your guys was excellent. Thank you for the good team and I look forward to further cooperation.

    Vensys -Commercial Manager

  • As a new company in the wind turbine industry, Boston Energy has shown a good effort in providing us with good and experienced technicians. Good as well as bad situations have been handled quickly and in good fashion. The majority of the technicians have been very competent and we have seen some of our top performers coming from Boston Energy.

    MHI Vestas -Site Manager

  • Huge compliments to the Boston Energy team for the job they have done, it has been a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for working tirelessly during Christmas to facilitate, being great colleagues and showing passion for what we do.


  • I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you and your team for the service you’ve provided this season, not only the supply of trained, competent and approachable technicians but also the swift manner in which issues have been dealt with. All of the Boston Energy technicians onsite have proved most valuable this season both in and out the field. The number of Hazard Observation submissions has been consistently good from the start and this goes to show the dedication and commitment to working in a safe environment.

    Siemens Gamesa -Site Manager

  • I just wanted to convey my thanks to the team for the first class support you’ve provided Ørsted. Your company’s flexibility and services made our challenges less so, notwithstanding the excellent attitude and professionalism of the technicians provided.

    Ørsted -Head of London Array Operations