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Heavy Lift (Major Component Exchange)


The O&M as part of the Major Component Exchange team support both old and new wind farms with warranty and extended warranty support for failures to major components within the WTG.

The Heavy Lift team require dual vessel support to cover various WTG Types, with a key element being experienced technicians and specialist technician roles.


SGRE approached Boston Energy to support the Dual Operations campaign for 2022, tasked with recruiting experience and specific skill sets to best optimise the campaign.


Boston Energy used its existing and ever-increasing market reach to attract highly qualified and experience wind energy professionals, Technicians, Heavy Lift Supervisors and Specialist tooling operators such as Yolk and HSBM were all sourced and deployed effectively. As the project developed the increased support demand led to white-collar roles being required as part of the project support, now offering HSE and offshore coordinator roles to a global project.


The support Boston Energy offered has been classed as some of the best resourcing ever to support the Heavy Lift team, the project runs effectively and is manned with the skills and team cohesion required.

Client feedback

“Boston Energy has been instrumental in our successful Heavy Lift campaign by providing exceptional resources. It is not always easy to secure the right people for our operation especially as we have not previously been able to offer long contracts, but Boston Energy have managed the expectations of their technicians brilliantly. I look forward to working with you on our future campaigns.”

– Cerri Gough, Senior Operations Coordinator SGRE Offshore Heavy Lift