Blade services

Onshore or offshore, we offer a complete package of blade services, including full inspection maintenance and repair services for all blade types. We offer fully accredited IRATA professionals to undertake rope access inspection regimes, alongside maintenance, repair and upgrade scopes across all major OEM blade types.

Why choose Boston Energy?

High quality technicians

Boston Energy provides fully trained, blade technicians with years of experience and a ‘first-time fix’ philosophy.

Dedicated, experienced support team

Boston Energy has dedicated back-office support to ensure the smooth delivery of projects.


To suit the needs of our clients.

Blade Services

Full IRM capabilities to maintain & enhance turbine efficiency.

No matter the size of your project, our team can support on all wind turbine models .

We will look after your blades as if it were our own, maintaining that day one quality. Our highly trained team will conduct regular inspections of your blades, looking for signs of erosion, damage and finding the best solutions for upkeep.

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Marc Dawson

Head of Operational Delivery

Robert Mitchison

Global Account & Relationship Manager

Neil Harvey

Head of Pre-assembly, Construction and Commissioning