High Voltage (Electrical Services)

Boston Energy provides technicians for both 33kV and 66kV platforms across Europe, US and Asia.

We have a large pool of experienced HV technicians available for SAP and troubleshooting requirements as well as a full suite of LV capabilities to complement HV activities.

Why choose Boston Energy?

High quality technicians

Boston Energy provide HV technicians up to 66kv HV-SAP

Onshore and Offshore experience

Boston Energy has worked on HV projects on onshore and offshore wind farms in the UK and Europe.

Dedicated, experienced support team

Boston Energy has dedicated back-office support to ensure smooth delivery of projects.

High Voltage (Electrical Services)

Providing technicians for both 33kv and 66kv platforms across the globe.

Our technicians are provided with training & career development designed to exceed customer needs and we are proud to have developed significant local pools of technicians around our project bases.

We are further developing bespoke training packages to ensure compliance with OEM-specific requirements.

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Head of Operational Delivery

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Head of Business Development