Our History

Boston Energy began as part of the Boston Group, a group of companies consisting of; Bostonair, Boston Energy, Boston Energy Wind Power Services and Boston Renewables. The Boston Group has a long history dating back to 1885.

Take a step back in time and join us on our Boston Energy journey.

In our own small way, helping to make the world a better place.

The Future

Due to the clearly understood and accepted need for climate change mitigation, the wind industry has an incredibly bright future as one of the most powerful tools helping countries to meet net-zero targets.

“Investments in 2022 will flow into projects coming online in the next few years as the offshore wind installed base is set to grow tenfold from 53GW in 2021 to 504GW in 2035. Offshore wind projects enable companies and governments to make progress towards their decarbonization goals at scale”, said Chelsea Jean-Michel, offshore wind analyst at BNEF. “The United Kingdom, France and Germany are just a few of the countries that have increased their offshore wind targets in the first half of 2022, signalling further support for investment in the technology”.

The Future

Boston Energy passionately supports the wind industry as it strives to add more capacity across the globe. We are continuously growing our capacity to support our core markets in the UK, Europe and North America, to continue to develop wind’s footprint in Asia and to support our customers in Australasia & Africa. Like the wind industry generally, we’re accelerating our growth and broadening our services and capabilities; investing in technicians, training & total project delivery while developing the new business models that our clients demand and the world needs.