Why Boston Energy?

At Boston Energy, we work together with a one-team approach, whether that be with our head office staff in Beverley, with our clients or with our technicians out on projects around the world.

Since our first project in 2012 for Siemens Wind Power (now SGRE) in the UK, Boston Energy has performed more than 2 million hours for our customers, delivered 80+ projects, and worked across four continents.

We support our customers across the globe, through Boston Energy across the UK, Europe and Asia and our sister company Boston Energy Wind Power Services across the US and Canada.


staff during peak periods working across the globe

Investing in the future of wind

Our Technicians

We have invested over £2.5m in technician training as well as creating a number of development opportunities. From entry-level positions up to site management and white-collar positions, we have a large pool of qualified technicians & support personnel across the globe that we pair with industry-leading clients.

Because we have long-term relationships with our clients, we use this foundation to progress and develop our technician base to the higher technical levels supporting our clients. This creates the need to backfill those elevated technicians with new entrants. Such new entrants to the market are the lifeblood of the future and we ensure they are fully vetted and trained in-house to the highest standards to allow them to fill the otherwise void of progression seamlessly.

We also aim to create long-term relationships with our technicians, supporting them with their development and ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for their next step. We work closely with technicians with transferable skills from other industries and ex-forces.

We also believe that the younger generation is the future of the industry, and this provides the backdrop to our extensive support for STEM initiatives and recruitment programmes from colleges throughout our core areas.

One team approach

Our Customers

For customers across the globe, we work as an extension of your team to provide high-quality and safety-ensured services.

We can support you with a number of services in multiple segments including Operations and Maintenance support, Pre-Assembly, Main Component Exchange & Heavy Lift, HV, Turnkey Projects and Technical Training.


Wind Turbine Technicians mobilised in the USA & Canada since 2019

Supporting the North American wind sector

Boston Energy Wind Power Services

Boston Energy Wind Power Services Inc is a leading provider of technical services to the North American wind industry. Our depth of knowledge covers the turbine component life cycle, and our team of highly skilled wind turbine technicians are ready to mobilise across the USA and Canada.