Fully managed service provision and major projects (incl. turnkey)

We’ll work with you to design and execute the programme to suit your timing and budget, creating a hassle free process, giving you peace of mind.

Our turnkey projects include campaign work, upgrades, retrofit, major component, exchange, proactive/reactive and fully managed.

Why choose Boston Energy?

Dedicated team

Eliminate the risk and hassle of campaign works through our turnkey projects team.

Fully managed programme

Provide fully managed campaign programmes with a specialist team to help you to reduce your risk and cost.

Full project supervision

We can provide full project supervision and start-up capabilities including the development of RAMs and ensuring full HSE compliance.

Fully Managed Service Provision & Major Projects

Taking the pain out of project execution.

Allow our team to take the pain out of project execution by leaving it in our capable hands! Our reliable, and experienced team will support you by organising the whole project from interface management to managing multiple contractors and dealing with the unforeseeable – we are the best solution to your problem.

Contact our team to discuss how we can help you

Robert Mitchison

Global Account & Relationship Manager

Marc Dawson

Head of Operational Delivery

Neil Harvey

Head of Pre-assembly, Construction and Commissioning