Upskilling our technicians at Boston Energy

Here at Boston Energy, we like to make sure our technicians have the opportunity to upskill and move into the next level of their career – because really, that’s what our training facility at Head Office is here for – to provide quality training to technicians in the wind industry and help them build on their skills and experience in order to progress in their career.

That’s exactly what Dan did, a Boston Energy Level 4 Technician for nearly 9 years who came back to our training centre in January to enhance his skillset. We caught up with him to find out more about his experience upskilling with Boston Energy.

Hi Dan! First things first, welcome back! What brings you back to the Boston Energy Training Centre?

I came back to complete my Level 5 training with the view to progress onto Level 6 (Trouble Shooter) which is where I want to be.

Do you have any plans for career progression after that?

After that, I’m not sure where I would want to go, I’d like to try different areas of the industry and move into a supervisory role.

How long has it taken you to complete your Level 5 training portfolio?

Overall, gathering all the evidence needed has taken me around a year, but it’s worth it as completing this training will allow me to then move into a higher position with more responsibility.

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience upskilling with Boston Energy?

Boston Energy is a good company to work for and the training at their facility in East Yorkshire has been brilliant as everything is all here in one place. The team are really helpful and supportive in getting you everything you need; I would definitely recommend Boston Energy to anyone looking to progress onto the next level in their career.

Margo, UK Business Lead at Boston Energy, said “Boston Energy is dedicated to providing the opportunities our wind technicians need in order to move into the next level of their role.

“It was great to see Dan return to our Training Facility; we are delighted to help him achieve his goal of becoming a Level 5 Technician and look forward to assisting him in his journey to become a Level 6 Trouble Shooter.

“It is our aim to highlight the development opportunities to our technicians in a way to complement their existing skill set for those that are interested in a career progression.”