Find out more about Senior Project Manager Britny's journey in the wind industry with Boston Energy Wind Power Services


At Boston Energy, we are keen to showcase women working in wind and highlight how the wind industry has so many career opportunities for women.

We sat down with Senior Project Manager, and former wind turbine technician, Britny Haga to find out more about her career in the wind industry, her journey with Boston Energy Wind Power Services, and the advice she would give other women looking to pursue a career in the wind industry!

Hi Britny! Let’s kick this off by telling us a bit about yourself!

My name is Britny Haga. I’m the North America Senior Project Manger for Boston Energy Wind Power Services. Outside of the office I spend my time with my three children, running around to their sports events. My hobbies include mechanics, fishing, and the outdoors.

Please tell us more about your role at BEWPS. 

My current role for BEWPS requires me to manage technicians, our sites across USA and Canada, internal costs, customers communications and management, as well as supporting future work for the company.

Before you moved into your current role, you had a career as a wind turbine technician. Can you tell us a little bit about your background as a technician?

I was a wind technician for several years. My experience varies widely from service, main component, troubleshooting, and commissioning across multiple platforms.

Tell us a bit about your career journey from then to now.

When I started in the wind industry, I began in service and maintenance, then working my way up to eventually becoming a Team Lead. Through years of hard work, I was then promoted to Commissioning  Lead, and Commissioning Supervisor, before starting my back office-based role as Project Manager and then finally to Sr. Project Manager. I’ve used my time in wind to gain as much knowledge as possible and in turn, use my experience to teach others along the way. This industry is large and complicated, but very rewarding.

What made you want to get into the Wind Industry?

The opportunity to travel and grow my mechanical and electrical skills was the most appealing to me and the wind industry felt like the best fit.

What do you most enjoy in your career?

The people you meet along the way. This job has allowed me to experience more diversity like no other job could. In the field, being away from home is not easy. Trusting the people around you with your life allows you to grow a family in little pockets of the country. These friendships will last a lifetime and the memories will continue to grow.

What would you say to other women looking at the wind industry for their careers?

Gender is not a factor in the wind industry. I wish more women knew that. Hard work, multitasking, and the eagerness to learn is all someone needs. This is a career with multiple growth opportunities for anyone. Don’t fear the dirtiness of the job, or the height of the towers. Sometimes that could be the best part. I invite any women to join, the industry needs you!

If you are interested in finding out how you can join the industry, get in touch with our North American team on