Boston Energy aim to inspire the younger generation to consider careers in wind as part of their Women into Wind scheme


To bridge the gap between aspiring young female talent and the thriving energy sector, events like the WiME (Women into Manufacturing and Engineering) Careers Fair play a crucial role in encouraging young women to pursue their passions and learn more about the possibilities STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers can provide them.

We had the pleasure of joining other local organisations at the WiME event in Hull this year and our team of exceptional female talent gave a fantastic insight into their roles in the renewable energy sector and the countless opportunities available to women in all areas of the industry.

Throughout the day, the team shared their extensive knowledge of the renewable energy sector, highlighting the company’s expertise in wind energy in both onshore and offshore operations, attendees had the chance to learn about the company’s projects, its role in maintaining and servicing wind turbines and how they could get involved through our Women into Wind Recruitment Scheme.

Head of Technician Development and Retention, Margo added,

“It was great to meet everyone from the region and see their interest. At that age, it’s hard to know what is available out there, as well as figuring out what you want to do for a career. We wanted to give them an insight into what is available for tat Boston Energy and the wind industry. From technician roles to engineering positions and project management, there are numerous pathways for women to excel in the sector.

Project Coordinator, Jessica Jackson says of her time at the event,

“Our Women into Wind scheme is designed to give women an equal head start in the wind industry, and hopefully, the event has helped to inspire them to go for it. Going forward we ultimately want to help build a culture of inclusion and equality for all in the workplace.”

The fair also provided us with the opportunity to connect with talented women who are eager to make their mark in the industry. We offered mentorship and guidance to those interested in pursuing careers in renewable energy.

As well as promoting technician opportunities for women, the event was also a great way to show that there are so many women behind the scenes in the sector. Training Coordinator, Freya, and Marketing Coordinator, Megan joined the team at the event to explain what they do at Boston Energy, working at our head office in Beverley and giving them insight into the behind-the-scenes opportunities.

After a fantastic event, we look forward to the future opportunities we can create through our partnership with WiME and inspiring more young females to consider careers in the wind and renewable industries.