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Vestas – Pre-Assembly, Baltic Eagle

About the project:

  • Baltic Eagle is a 476-megawatt offshore wind farm being constructed in the waters of the Baltic Sea, 75 km off the German coast. The windfarm will cover an area of 40km squared and will consist of 47 V174 turbines generating 476 MW – enough electricity to power 475,000 homes.
  • The Pre-Assembly of Baltic Eagle is situated on the island of Bornholm, the same site in which the Arcadis Ost turbines were constructed, however once constructed Baltic Eagle will be around 4/5 times bigger than Arcadis Ost.


  • At the request of the client, our challenge was to not only retain the skilled technicians we had already sourced for the previous project, but we also had to triple our technician headcount in order to ensure the customer requirement was met for Baltic Eagle.
  • Additionally, 3 towers from the previous project (Arcadis Ost) had yet to be completed, and so this was added to the overall workload to ensure a smooth launch of Baltic Eagle’s Pre-Assembly phase.
  • For this project, we were required to fill a multitude of roles, including Warehouse Supervisors, Pre-Assembly Technicians, Electricians, Foreman’s and HV Technicians.

Our Solution:

  • The customers requested we retained as much of our skillset as possible from Arcadis Ost.
  • Our team in Europe were also able to recruit the remaining quality numbers required to fulfill customer demands.
  • In total we have 39 highly skilled technicians in a variety of roles on site assisting the Pre-Assembly of Baltic Eagle.


  • The technicians who had worked with us at Acardis Ost were happy to return to Baltic Eagle with us, and we also successfully tripled our numbers on the Pre-Assembly site to prepare for Baltic Eagle.
  • We efficiently concluded the remaining work on the three towers for Arcadis Ost and began work on the Baltic Eagle Pre-Assembly on time.
  • Continued to nurture our relationship with Vestas, having worked in partnership with them for over 8 years. Baltic Eagle will be our 13th (?) consecutive Pre-Assembly project supporting Vestas.
  • Our established Operations and Recruitment team in the EU continues to build upon our technician base of highly skilled individuals in a variety of positions in Europe.