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GE – Dogger Bank

Dogger Bank, officially the world’s largest offshore windfarm when operational, is located between 130km and 190km off the North East Coast of England. The windfarm, once completed, will span a total of 599 km squared and will generate 1.2GW – enough to power 6 million homes.


  • GE were looking for suppliers to support them on the project in a multitude of areas.
  • Boston Energy, among several other global suppliers to the wind energy industry, tendered to support the exciting new project and were awarded th o commissioning and completion, offshore mechanical and electrical (M&E) completion and offshore commissioning elements of the project for GE Vernova.
  • We started on the project delivering the onshore snagging and commissioning. We were required to provide 120 reliable and experienced skilled technicians in a multitude of roles, including Commissioning Technicians, Commissioning Supervisors, Vessel Administrators, Mechanical and Electrical Technicians and Rope Access Technicians
  • As part of the commitment to providing clean energy jobs in the region, the client were keen to ensure we source talent from the local area.
  • After a successful first mobilisation, Boston Energy was then invited to provide the onshore Commissioning and also Snagging works to the Dogger Bank project, requiring an additional 60 technicians on site.
  • Boston Energy established a local office seven miles away from site where a dedicated team could manage our Dogger Bank operations and store essential PPE and equipment where it was easily accessible to our technicians on the project.
  • To fulfil customer requirements, Boston Energy has 3 vessels on 2 back-to-back rotations to ensure maximum efficiency.

So far on the project:

  • After a successful first rotation providing offshore M&E services, Boston Energy was recognised as a reliable, experienced supplier to the wind energy industry and was invited to complete the onshore Commissioning and Snagging services.
  • At full scope we will have over 190 personnel working on the Dogger Bank project across our service offering to the project, including 180 technicians.
  • In line with customer requirements, Boston Energy so far has successfully recruited 80% of our offshore team and 85% of our onshore team from the local area.